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Along came this Italian Poet

The thing is, she didn’t know how gifted a poet she was until she came to Swindon! Altea Narici is from Italy and here to improve her English. She plays the cello professionally and has composed pieces for it so, in terms of creativity, she is well on her way.

We had a lovely evening recently discussing all the usual topics until poetry dominated when I introduced her to Seamus Heaney. We read a few of his well-known poems, out-loud of course, and we were away.

Several days later I received a poem from Altea called “The Reason I Write.” It’s very much from the heart of a musician. I often say to budding poets that the written word will outlast them, as heritage for their kin and offspring. You can see that Altea’s line “writing is leaving echoes behind” particularly resonated for me.

My catch up

with Silence.

I get the soul

off the wood

while it still vibrates,

lead it back

fingertips to toes

hoping it will be at ease,

and stay.


Writing is leaving

echoes behind,

and step out of the cave,

cry in the open air

-I’m still alive!-


And hugging such thought

on my chest, muffling

the drum under the shallow skin,

we are child, teddy bear and pen

sliding swiftly

from page into dream.


Read it again, it has several levels. There must be something in Swindon water that effervesces the creative brain. We’re rich with poetry in Swindon and now we’ve an Italian poet among us.

First published in Swindon Link