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Calling All Closet Poets

A dear friend handed me a poem for my birthday with a note to “read it when you get a chance.” It’s a poem with a catchy title, several stanzas with no rhyming, slightly opaque and very funny. I read it again and again and opened ever more layers. Brilliant!

But who wrote it? I looked up the title on Google but no luck. I phoned my friend and he said he’s the author. It’s his first poem. He’s well read, but not in poetry, yet the poem was in his head for weeks. The hardest part was handing the poem to me, going public, and I recognise that.

This poem is good enough to be commended in Swindon’s Battered Moon competition and I’ve encouraged him to enter. If I tell you his name or quote from the poem he’ll be disqualified so we’ll revisit this later.

I came across an amusing poem called “Not Writing” by Anne Boyer which might encourage you closet poets to get out there! Note the non-rhyming structure, more like a stream of consciousness:

When I am not writing I am not writing a novel called 1994 about a young

woman in an office park in a provincial town who has a job cutting and

pasting time. I am not writing a novel called Nero about the world’s richest

art star in space.


First Published in Swindon Link