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Make Time for Tea

These past few years I’ve been at the launch of Ovarian Cancer Month, which is March. It’s harrowing listening to women affected by the disease talk about their journey and the chances of survival. Only 35% have a predicted survival rate as the disease is hard to detect early. Every year I listen to a guest speaker who would bring you to tears with her positivity in the face of low expectation, and the following year she’s dead.

Women are encouraged to “Make Time for Tea” during March to discuss symptoms and raise money for The Eve Appeal, one of only a few charities that focus on gynaecological cancers. They need your support.

Of course men are involved. There isn’t a formal “Make Time for a Pint” but there should be.

Is there a place in this for poetry? I wrote a poem for the charity a few years ago. That poem became the catalyst for a book and several events that raised funds. I based the poem on Eve taking a bite from the apple and turned it into a positive:

as Eve found bitter in that fallen apple,

maybe we will taste sweetness

in the second bite.


At one reading, a man with tears in his eyes gave the charity £200 for two signed copies of the poetry book with the poem in it. That was special for both of us.

You can “Make Time for Tea” and raise funds for research into early detection. Visit even if it’s only to understand the five gynaecological cancers.


First published in Swindon Link