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Valentine’s Day

This is the month to write a poem. Not any poem, a love poem for Valentine’s Day. No matter how good or bad it is, you know one person who’ll love it.

My recommendation is to pick an event that was precious or funny for you both. Write around ten lines and don’t bother about rhyming. Don’t complicate it with fancy or obtuse words. The first part of the poem should recount the event and the second part its importance to your partner. Soppy is good.

The first draft will be rubbish but you’ll soon find yourself in the zone. A rewrite, followed by another rewrite, a word change here and there, and you’ll be smiling. Leave it for a few days. Read it out loud to make sure it sounds great. If you stumble, change the word. Every poem goes through the same metamorphosis no matter how experienced the poet. Stick “I Love You” at the bottom and you’re done. A real romantic would frame it. You can buy a small frame in Next for £6.

Here’s one from my book “Love and Other Distractions.” The poem is called Dreams. Using dreams as a catalyst gives you lots of options. My wife loves this poem.

And what are dreams?

Bits and pieces of flotsam
washing up on the beach,
dancing in time
to the motion of waves;
forever in touch,
forever in line.

Catch my fingers and
dance with me.

Or go wild. Take your partner to Dublin to visit the remains of St. Valentine in Whitefriar Street Church. Read your poem afterwards over a pint of Guinness in McDaid’s. Happy Days!

First published in Swindon Link